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Cortona, historical centre.

The beautiful hill city on the borders of Tuscany and Umbria is the county seat of one of the largest counties of Italy. Recently, Cortona came under an international spotlight due to the success of the Under the Tuscan Sun series of books written by Frances Mayes and the eventual film. However, Cortona has been for centuries, a key destiny on the itineraries of the numerous visitors who have come to know and discover the historic treasures of this city.

When I arrived here in Cortona in 1986, with a fresh baccalaureate from University of California at Davis to participate in the studies abroad program organized here by the University of Georgia, I instantly felt as if I had arrived home.

My husband inherited this palazzo from an extraordinary man and with much work, Casa Chilenne was born. During restoration we aimed to accentuate the charming past of the building and create a place that you would be able to call " your home in Tuscany, your home in Cortona."

Why Chilenne?

Chilenne was the nickname of Alifer Mancini, the man who bequethed his building to my husband, Luciano. Our bed and breakfast is a small homage to this great man. Our logo acknowleges my husband's Cortonese origins by incorporating the cypress of the Etruscans and the Florentine lily together with symbols of pilgrimage and nature. We attempt to render a memorial to Chilenne, a "toscanaccio" "sharp of eye and tongue", with a big and generous heart.

Carlotta's Corner

Our “Poodle Posse” made up of mamma Carlotta, her daughter Daisy and son Jake are the official concierge of the house. They will enthusiastically announce your arrival but are easily bribed with a biscuit. We have a blog dedicated to “Carlotta’s Corner”.

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